Linux is one of the frequently used Operating Systems for web servers. There are a number of different distributions which use the same core, but the greater part have a few things in common - they're absolutely free to use, which decreases the total cost of the website hosting service because license fees will not be included in what you will need to pay; they're very easy to maintain; and last, but not least, they're considerably more protected in comparison with competitor Operating Systems, because random files, especially virus-infected ones, just cannot be executed on the web server. This way, you can enjoy a reliable service and spend the time building and promoting your Internet sites, not worrying about basic safety problems. Countless Linux-based machines use the Apache web server to manage the HTTP traffic, because this software is extremely quick and is also effortless to maintain and modify as per the requirements of the hosting provider. A Linux hosting server with Apache is the ideal software environment for your sites and it is not a coincidence that lots of popular script-driven apps on the market require LAMP, which stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP.

Stable Linux with Apache in Hosting

The hosting accounts we offer you are created on our cutting-edge customized cloud hosting platform. Different clusters of web servers are used to deal with every part of the hosting service, including e-mails, databases etc. Our web servers run Linux. The latter has been custom made so as to ensure that we can provide you with a reliable website hosting service without wasting resources. Additionally we use the powerful Apache web server and we even have a whole cluster for it, so that all HTTP requests between visitors and your sites will be taken care of without any delay. You'll be able to use a wide variety of languages for your sites – HTML, Perl, Python, JavaScript, and so on., and you'll not need to stress about security or reliability issues at any time.

Stable Linux with Apache in Semi-dedicated Hosting

We have chosen to use Linux on our servers too, considering that no other Operating System can match its flexibility and without it, we would not have had the chance to develop our custom web hosting platform where all semi-dedicated server accounts are created. The platform is made up of huge clusters of servers, each managing certain part of the web hosting service - databases, emails, files, the Control Panel, and so forth. The end result of combining this custom setup with Linux is a really reliable, secure and quick service with zero downtime. Furthermore, the web access is addressed by Apache, due to the fact that it's highly customizable and supports lots of modules and web programming languages including PHP, Perl, Python, HTML, etc. Our semi-dedicated server solutions will provide you with all the speed and security you want for your websites and we've made many software improvements to make certain we will fulfill our uptime guarantee.